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HELP!! Thousands Of Widows and Orphans!!

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To live in Yerushalayim is a dream come true for every Jew universally 

NOW it's within your reach. Closer than ever!

So, how much is the purchase price of an apartment in Yerushalayim?

The answer is much simpler than you can imagine.

$18 a month, and the opportunity is in your hands. You can win this dream apartment in Yerushalayim!

In this first-of-a-kind raffle that was created and initiated for donors like you, your chances are constantly increasing without you adding a cent.

And how does that work?!

You purchase a raffle ticket for $18 monthly, and you're in. That's simple.

But there is really much more to it¦.

Because from now on, your chances are growing and growing¦

When you're a raffle participant, it turns you immediately into a raffle ambassador, and you'll receive bonus raffle tickets with every purchase of a raffle ticket by one of your family or friends!!!


About The Organization

From tears of despair to tears of joy

All tzedakos of the Kupah are led and authorized by the great ga’on and posek Maran Rav Shmuel Eliezer Stern shlit'a of Bnei Brak, one of the leading halachic authorities in our generation.

What Hashem took away from these grieving families is not in our hands to return it to them, but Hashem commanded that we should try to fill the void as much as humanly possible.

The smile we place on their faces is your merit!

Partner with us in illuminating the homes of widows and orphans, and you'll undoubtedly merit the heavenly blessing for health, wealth and everything else.

This way, you have them both! You are glorifying the lives of the unfortunate, and you're possibly being the winner of your dream apartment in Yerushalayim!